Tofield’s main street tore up for new water and sewer lines – Two phase project will end with beautification including new sidewalks, benches, planters and paving

Tofield’s main street was being torn up last week as some residents watched in surprise, seemingly unaware of the two-phase project that is bringing new water and sewer lines into place on the advice of the town’s engineers.

“It’s not every day Tofield’s main street gets torn up,” remarked one man while watching the scene Friday. Assistant CAO Jeff Edwards ex-plained what is being planned for the $2,354,000 project.

The infrastructure up-grade is taking place first, followed by a beautification of the streets involved.

The streets involved are 50th (Main) Street from 53 Avenue to 51 Avenue, and 52 Avenue from 50 Street to 48 Street. The work started the week of April 29th and is expected to conclude June 21.

An ad in the Mercury last week stated that temporary water will be set up during the replacement of the existing line. During that time, street access and parking are going to be limited.

By Patricia Harcourt

For more see the May 7/13 issue of the Tofield Mercury

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