Town beautifying Tofield while vandals making a mess with graffiti: RCMP looking for culprits

Vandal(s) may be fans of rappers- the Coke Boys


graffiti 2

It seems slightly ironic that the Town of Tofield is doing such yeoman’s work beautifying the town, and some people are doing the exact opposite.

Last week while the Town was working on the pavement and playground project, installing new benches and decorative trash containers on Main Street, vandals were busy marking up several buildings with unsightly graffiti… more

… Some of the graffiti refers to Coke or Coke Boys. It likely refers to the American hip hop rap music group involving lead artist French Montana (born Karim Kharbouch), who owns Cocaine City Records. Coke is slang for cocaine….

For more see the July 1/14 issue of the Tofield Mercury

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