Water Commission can reconsider options since deal with Tofield not yet signed – Chair Ron Yarham

By Patricia Harcourt
Staff Reporter

“I have not seen the document, I have not read the document, I have not signed the document.” So says Ron Yarham, who chairs the Highway 14 Regional Water Commission, regarding a contentious agreement to contract the water commission’s operations out to the Town of Tofield.

Yarham, who is also Deputy Reeve for Beaver County, said he was wearing his “county hat” while warning county councillors of possible legal pitfalls during a committee of the whole meeting Feb. 8.

He has emailed other commission members to say he has not signed the agreement with Tofield, stating: “I wasn’t going to sign it until I reviewed it with the other commission members. I have not received (the agreement) so technically, the commission has no agreement or employees to be running anything.”

For more see the Feb. 14/12 issue of the Tofield Mercury

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