Ministik Spring Tea celebrates school’s unique heritage while vowing to “move forward”

Ministik School, slated for closure at the end of June, held its last annual spring tea last Thursday afternoon.

The joy and celebration in the gymnasium was tinged with sadness as the Ministik community gathered together, mindful that time was running out for their small but special little country school.

The room was decked out with artwork lovingly created by students that lined the walls. The classes received rounds of applause for their entertainment while Grade 6 students deftly handled the serving of desserts and refreshments.

But there were also indications that this was a sensitive time for many who had worked so hard to try and keep their beloved school open.

For instance, tears during the choir’s singing of “Try, Try Again,” caused some eyes in the audience to moisten up during… for more see the May 30/17 Mercury

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