Battle River decides to terminate ties with Cornerstone Christian Academy – Bible verse controversy unresolved

Battle River School Division Board voted in favour of ending their relationship with Cornerstone Christian Academy at a special meeting on June 29.

The BRSD board stated it “hopes to reset” the relationship sometime in the future.

However, controversy over the school’s use of certain Biblical verses

included in a handbook for students has caused the rift, which doesn’t appear to be mendable at this time.

The board took exception to one Bible verse from Corinthians that says, “neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate…shall inherit the kingdom of God,” and wanted it removed as a possible breach of the province’s human rights code.

A statement put out by the board said it regretted that the partnership was being severed, but hoped to “start fresh” sometime in the future.

In the statement put out by Diane Hutchison, BRSD communications officer, the board stated it was aware the situation was not “in the best interests of the students and staff, the school or the school division.”… For more see the July 4/17 Mercury

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