Being on council, no picnic: Before running for council consider the number of committees and events expected to attend

Think it’s easy money to be on Beaver County Council? Have an interest in running for council?

Besides two nearly day-long meetings twice a month and representing at various events inside and outside your respective division, plus being on call for complaints, concerns and advice from tax payers from your respective division, Councillors are on countless committees which also involve separate meetings, events, discussions, complaints, advice, research, and participation.

Beaver County believes representation on these boards is important to keep abreast of local issues, address rural interests, and maintain partnerships. Council members are expected to represent Beaver County interests as well as those of residents and taxpayers at board and committee meetings and events.

Here are some of the committees each present Beaver County Councillor is involved with:

All Council are involved with: Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties, Equity Industrial Park Steering Committee, and Gravel Committee.

Reeve Kevin Smook (Division 1) is: (alternate) on Battle River Alliance Economic Development, (alternate) on Beaver Ambulance Society, on Beaver Emergency Services Commission, (alternate) Beaver Foundation, Beaver Regional Partnership, (alternate) Beaver Regional Waste Management Services Commission, Beaver Regional Industrial Services Corporation, on County of Beaver Seed Cleaning Plant, on Inter-Municipal Committee (Ryley), on Inter-Municipal Committee (Tofield), on Tofield Library, on Tofield Community Hall, and on Tofield 150 Committee…

For more see the Aug. 1/17 Mercury/Beaver County Chronicle

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