Opinion Page: two local letters; editorial – NDP to call and early election?

Letter: Cornerstone Chair refutes editorial, hopes for a resolution with BRSD

Letter: Big fail for Beaver County staff

Early election
a real possibility
Now unified, the United Conservative Party (UCP) needs to take a levelheaded approach, using the best ideas and philosophies of its PC and Wildrose predecessors to reflect the slightly right of centre beliefs the majority of Albertans had voted for in over 40 years of Provincial elections.

Gone, though, need to be any far right convictions of those fringe conservatives, the ones who tend to join new movements but yet do not intend to move toward the centre by promoting mainstream societal ethics like tolerance and inclusion.

The UCP has very little time, with the next scheduled provincial election in Alberta being no later than 22 months from now (March to May 2019). However, many experts believe that Premier Rachel Notley’s ruling NDP government could call for an early election because of all the questions associated with the newly formed UCP… More see the Aug. 1/17 Mercury

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