New Doctor for Tofield: AHS recruits one, working on finding another

Alberta Health Services has landed a new doctor for Tofield and area, and is working on another.

Dr. Mursi Jallad, a doctor with two decades experience practicing in Alberta has agreed to change residences from Edmonton to Tofield in an effort to start a family medicine practice beginning this fall.

According to sources, AHS has also completed its assessment of the Tofield Health Care Centre and its area and determined it to require three doctors.

Tofield lost Dr. Muneer in the spring as he decided to move his practice to Edmonton. Not long after, long serving Dr. Hackett announced that he would be retiring in the fall.

Tofield Mayor Harold Conquest has since publicly welcomed Dr. Jallad to the community, stating “I want to thank all at AHS for their work in recruiting him.”
In recent years, AHS has set up a recruitment system which assesses and places doctors in communities in need of services. Previously, each community was in charge of finding its own doctors and that often led to unfair recruitment which vastly favoured larger communities. Tofield and Area Health Foundation did this yeoman’s work for the Tofield area…. for more see the Aug. 1/17 Mercury

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